Top 10 Maldives Safety Tips

Top 10 Maldives Safety Tips

Couple on a tropical beach at Maldives

1. Alcohol and Clothing –
Do not carry alcohol when you are visiting Maldives and No boozing is allowed in the capital Male too. so don’t even think about taking any booze in there. The penalties are severe. If you want have a drink the resorts are all yours, the regulations don’t apply to the resorts.
After all Maldives is a Muslim country and therefore You can wear whatever you like when you are at your resort only but when come to visiting Male or their residency village, it’s better to wear sleeves shirt and long pants or skirt.

2. The Sun –
The Maldives is right on the Equator so it has the strongest sun in the world. Unless you have naturally very dark skin, you need to cover up. Sun screens and blocks are not all. If you go snorkeling put a t-shirt on! I didn’t and I now have permanent skin damage on my back. I thought I would be protected by the water. I wasn’t. A good hat would also be useful. Keep it covered and enjoy the Maldives!

3. Strict customs –
Everyone bags are checked at customs physically, if you are carrying any alcohol,pork, religious articles of other faiths, souvenirs of other faiths, all these would be taken from you at the airport, however you will be able to collect them on leaving the Maldives

4. Coral –
The Maldives is blessed with beautiful coral reefs. Unfortunately its beaches are plagued with broken bits of coral that you can step on. Watch you step and/or wear some footwear if you can. These nasty bits of nature can ruin your holiday with a gashed foot or cut toes. It’s a shame really. Just be careful and you should be fine.

5. Titan Trigger Fish –
The titan trigger fish is usually wary of divers and snorkelers, but during the reproduction season the female guards its nest, which is placed in a flat sandy area, vigorously against any intruders. The territory around the nest is roughly cone-shaped and divers who accidentally enter it may be attacked. Divers should swim horizontally away from the nest rather than upwards which would only take them further into the territory. Although bites are not venomous, the strong teeth can inflict serious injury that may require medical attention.
The threat posture includes the trigger fish facing the intruder while holding its first dorsal spine erect. It may also roll onto its side, allowing it a better look at the intruder it perceives as threatening its nest. The titan trigger fish will not always bite, but can swim at snorkelers and divers escorting them out of their territory.
The flesh of the titan trigger fish is sometimes ciguatoxic.

6. Currents –
Helengeli is located at the outer reef, which is one of the reasons it is such a good place to snorkel and dive and see some of the big animals you can find in the sea. It is also the reason why there is a current here that has to be considered when going into the water.
The current is not the same on all times of the day. It is a good thing never to go snorkeling alone and know from where to where the current goes. That is easily determined, you can feel it when you go into the water, often you can also see it on the surface. If unsure, ask the staff.
7. Sea Creatures –
In the Maldives while in the sea you have to be very careful they have invisible fish that look like sand and if stood on can be very vicious, the jelly fish are very strange looking fab too watch but not if you go too close!!!!
seen different types of sharks but are harmless so wouldn’t worry too much.
the crabs are huge never seen crabs that size before easily chop your hand off but they only seem to come out at night when the weather is cooler so if walking on the sand at night just watch for these they are fast too!!!

8. Snorkeling –
Do take care and do make use of training when snorkeling/diving.
Don’t forget that there are many things in the sea that sting, like trigger fish, rays, puffer, lion fish, etc.
The only danger I could think of in the Maldives is under the sea. There are some amazing things to see but always remember no to touch anything you don’t know what will bite or sting you. Also be careful when snorkeling that you aren’t to close to the coral that it might scrap your body.

9. Help avoiding environmental problems –
This is not so much a warning/danger for you as for the Maldivian environment.
The disposal of waste material is a big problem in Maldives island. You can help against that kind of problems by taking home your own rubbish like empty plastic bottles, empty aerosol bombs, plastic shopping bags and so on.

10. Worst time in the year to go –
June and July are the monsoon periods. It rained all 5 days I was there! 🙁 The stormy conditions also meant that a number of activities such as sunset fishing or snorkeling were cancelled. If you must go around that period, at least stay longer and see if you can catch the sun out once in a blue moon.
Dec/Jan remain the most popular season for good reasons. Book in advance!